Way Too Cool MINI TRUCK WITH DANCING HYDRAULIC BED Will Take You Back To The Early 1990s!


Cars that have hydraulics are one of the coolest cars for me, yes some will say that they are old and you may be right. The age of hydraulics cars maybe finished but I still love to see a car who can dance.

Going though You Tube I found this interesting video of a mini truck with a cool hydraulic strapped to his back end. This truck is called the MINI truck and it is one of the rare trucks that you will see having this kind of hydraulics. This truck was featured on the Mini Truckin’ magazine cover in the early 1990s. What makes this MINI truck unique is that it has the hydraulic not on his wheels but on his back end where usually you can see big construction truck having there hydraulics to be able to load of the truck. You might think that this is bizarre but everyone has their own taste so I suggest you give this video a chance and watch it till the end.

After watching this video you might get nostalgic about the nineties but don’t worry no one forbids owning something like this in the modern age.  Enjoy the video and feel free to tell us your thoughts about the truck in the comment area below.

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